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Our webchat is open Monday to Sunday, 08:00–20:00

At the moment, we’re focusing on the repair and maintenance of connections that support critical national infrastructure, essential public services, vulnerable customers and those without service. We're sorry if it takes us a little longer to respond to your enquiry at the moment. You can read more about our response to Covid-19 here.  


When to contact Openreach

We’re here to help if something’s wrong with the lines, poles and cables we use to connect you. You can contact us:

  • if we’ve been working in your area and left a mess in the street that we should have cleared up, or we haven’t put things back as they were
  • about the behaviour of an Openreach employee or someone working on our behalf
  • if you want to report dangerous driving by one of our engineers or parking problems due to one of our vans (it would help if you have the vehicle’s registration number)
  • if you want to object to the location of a street cabinet we’ve recently installed.


You should talk to your phone or broadband provider  who holds all your personal details if you:

  • have a question about your bill
  • have a problem with your service, like a fault
  • have a query about an engineer visit
  • want to order phone or broadband, or upgrade to fibre.


They can answer most phone and broadband questions. But if there’s a problem we can help with, they’ll let us know. Then we’ll work together to fix it.

We keep records of conversations to help us with training and monitoring. So please make sure you don’t give us any personal details like account numbers, credit card details, date of birth or national insurance number when chatting with the team or completing any forms.


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