Ethernet for business

Faster connectivity to keep your business running

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What can Ethernet do for my business?

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A choice of speeds

Openreach’s Ethernet for business service provides the fastest connection, allowing for uninterrupted use of time-sensitive applications like Citrix and instant sharing of large files at speeds ranging from 1 to 100Gbps and beyond. Whether you’re uploading or downloading data, your speed will be the same - lightning fast.

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Uncompromising security

Have peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is secure and guarded against threat by a network that's many times safer than WiFi and protected by enhanced data security. With Ethernet, you can confidently protect your business from cybersecurity threats and keep your data confidential.

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Forget about downtime

Rest assured that your network is always up and running, with our super strong, next generation fibre cables, and built in safeguards. You can relax and kick back knowing that you'll always be connected, no matter what.

Don’t just take it from us

“Openreach’s professional support was invaluable and meeting immovable deadlines for such events is always a challenge. I thank them for their contribution to the success of the events and look forward to future collaborations.”

Paul Brannon

Director of Service Delivery | Exponential-E


Ethernet Service Providers

Wherever your business is based, tucked away in the remotest of hills or right in the heart of the busiest city, we can bring Ethernet to your doorstep. 

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