Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband for developers

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Important Information

A change to building regulations commenced from the 26th December 2022. These changes mandate the installation of a gigabit-ready telecoms infrastructure during the construction of new homes.

You will need to check with your building controller as to whether your development is subject to the changes which came into effect on the 26th December 2022. The Openreach FTTP (Full Fibre) network is already fully compliant with the changes to building regulations by meeting the definition of ‘Gigabit’ ready. 

For more information please see the government legislation here

We're connecting new residential and commercial properties to our next generation ultrafast full fibre broadband network

We've already made Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband available to more than eight million homes and businesses and want to reach 25 million premises by December 2026. As part of these plans, we'll work with you to build a full fibre, network to new residential or mixed residential/commercial sites giving your development access to broadband speeds of up to 1Gbps, our most reliable connection ever, and access to over 650 service providers including big names like BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Vodafone.

Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband makes sense for you and your development, and it's easy for you to sign up and see how things are progressing on our Developers portal.

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How do I sign up?

Information on how to register your residential or commercial property development for fibre broadband.

The benefits of Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband

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Better for homes and businesses 

Our Fibre to the Premises network offers speeds of  1Gbps max.

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The biggest UK full fibre network

We’ve already connected more than 8m homes and businesses and want to reach 25m by December 2026.

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Biggest choice of service providers

Choose from the widest range of phone and broadband providers.

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Rolling out Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband

Get speeds of a maximum of 1Gbps all the way from the exchange into your home or business.


  • Can I get fibre to my development?

    If your area isn’t covered yet, register your site with us to let us know you’d like us to build fibre to your development.

  • How much does it cost to connect residential or mixed developments?

    We’ll do this for free for sites with 20 or more premises. If you have 1–19 premises on your site we’ll ask you to contribute towards this.  Find out more on our registration page

    Eligibility for rate card subject to survey.

  • Will I have to pay for connection if I’m building a commercial development?

    For commercial only sites of 20 or more units we’ll install Full Fibre for free.

    For single commercial plots, or sites of 2-19 units we'll work with you to offer a bespoke network solution, and we'll contribute an amount per unit towards the cost of the build. The table below outlines the Openreach plot contribution and developer site cost.  We'll be able to give you more details after you register your site with us.

  • What is the developer portal?

    The developer portal currently provides developers with all the information about their new developments from site registration through to completion of the network build.

    The useful resources section of the portal includes more information on the features of the portal.

  • How does Openreach Copper Stop Sell affect me as a Developer?

    Openreach has announced its plans to ‘switch off’ the traditional analogue (PSTN) Copper network by the end of 2025. Between now and then, Openreach will move tranches of exchanges into a ‘stop sell’ position when 75% of addresses in an exchange area can get Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband (also known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP). This allows us to stop selling WLR and PSTN products to CPs at those addresses.

    For new sites we want to ensure that we only build one infrastructure which is Ultrafast Full Fibre. We want to remove the dependency on providing small amounts of Copper solely for the purpose of special service lines and from 15 November 2021 Openreach New Sites no longer offers additional Copper for the sole purpose of service lines. The full details are available in this briefing.

    Openreach has worked through live trials with KONE, one of the global leaders in the lift and escalator industry, Avire - manufacturer of the ‘Memcom’ which is one of the UK’s leading universal lift emergency auto-diallers and CPs to test and demonstrate a working lift line over FTTP for both a digital and analogue lift application.  Read the Case Study to find out more.

    In addition, Openreach are working with Developers, Vendors and Water Companies to complete live trials of FTTP connections to Sewage Pump Stations and will shortly fully brief the outcome of these trials and share the technical requirements involved for other manufacturers and CPs to follow for their own respective solutions.