Openreach Engineer with equipment

Finding and identifying Openreach equipment

How to locate our network infrastructure for building or street works

If you’re planning or building a new development, doing roadworks or working on a regeneration project, you might come across some of our network infrastructure or equipment (like telephone poles or street cabinets).

It’s important that you work safely with this – damaging it could cause delays to your job and mean you have to pay for repairs. So it’s a good idea to check what’s on your site before you start working.

How to check if there’s Openreach equipment on your site

Image of a green street cabinet with an Openreach van behind it

Are we in your way?

Check what to do if you need to move or change Openreach equipment for building works.

Front cover image of the identifying our equipment guide

Identifying our equipment

Not sure if something belongs to Openreach?

Our guide shows our most common types of equipment to help you work out who to contact. 

How to find BT infrastructure

Use the property search to check if work you’re planning affects BT cables or other equipment.