Altering network

If our equipment is in your way we can help.

We can:

  • move, remove or relocate our telegraph poles, manholes, joint boxes, green cabinets, underground ducts and overhead cables to accommodate your construction
  • route overhead cable underground
  • ensure network is correctly handled during demolition
  • survey and audit Openreach equipment affected by your project, protect them while you’re doing the work and reinstate them when you’re done
  • temporarily move overhead cables which are in the way of tree cutting or high vehicles
  • help with changing, moving and removing Openreach equipment to enable roadworks, bridge works and local regeneration
  • help with public transport infrastructure and additions and improvements to train, railway and cycle routes.

How to contact us

Please fill in this form to tell us more and we'll aim to be in touch within five working days.


Getting your wayleaves

Working on private land

If you aren’t the landowner we may need a wayleave to install or maintain Openreach equipment.

Useful links and handbooks