Carrying out major works?    

We can help by moving or

removing Openreach equipment    

If you're a local authority, highway authority or utility company

There might be times when you come across our equipment or network during your work. It's important that you know how to work with this safely and without damaging it. We can help you by moving or removing it.

If you want us to move our network

If you need our network moved to make way for your project, we can help with:

  • roadworks – new highways or alterations to existing road infrastructure
  • bridge works – replacing bridge decks, waterproofing or completely removing or replacing structures
  • public transport infrastructure – adding to and improving tram, railway and cycle routes
  • town centre regeneration – new shopping centre projects or regenerating existing sites.


How to contact us

Please fill in this form to tell us more and we'll be in touch within three working days.

If you want us to remove our network

First of all, tell us about the work you’ll be doing. We’ll work out what we need to do with our network and agree the best approach with you. This might involve removing our network kit from public or private land, then reinstalling it after your finish your project.

We can help with removing:

  • ducting
  • cables
  • poles
  • underground boxes including manholes 
  • overhead wires
  • cabinets.


How to contact us

Please fill in this form to tell us more and we'll be in touch within three working days.

Image of a green street cabinet and Openreach van

Get help with our equipment

How to ask us to move or remove our kit

Everything you need to talk to us about it, and details on what will happen next.

Working with Openreach kit

Openreach manages the phone and broadband network in the UK. This includes any equipment which takes a service from a local exchange to a property. So that’s things like poles, cabinets, drop-wires, brackets or bold fixings, lead-in cables, cleats and master sockets.

If you’re working on the outside walls of a building (for example with double glazing, roofing, external wall insulation, satellite dishes, extensions and so on) you might come into contact with our equipment – lines, eyebolts, etc. We understand this could get in the way of your work, so you might need us to move or remove it.


How it works

Get in touch with us before starting this type of work. We’ll:

  • survey the property to check which equipment is there
  • give you a quote for any work we need to do, like temporarily moving drop wires.


How to contact us

Please fill in this form to tell us more and we'll be in touch within three working days.


  • Why do I need to tell you about my project?

    So we can make sure you avoid any potential safety hazards, or damage to our equipment which could affect people’s phone and broadband services.

    Our equipment also has to meet strict guidelines to make sure it’s safe – for example we need to make sure we install things at the right height.

  • What do I need if I’m working on a external wall insulation or a Multiple Drop Wire Rearrangement?

    If you’re working on this or other similar large-scale works, take a look at our step-by-step guide.

    For any other work on individual dwellings, including pebble dashing, double glazing, pointing, fascia boards/soffits, guttering, down pipes, roofing, building extensions and satellite dishes, please fill in this form.

    Please note: you shouldn’t cover our equipment with external insulation materials or other coverings without contacting us first to make the changes.

  • What happens if I alter your network or don’t contact you?

    If there’s any Openreach equipment on a property you’re working on, we’re the only people who can move it. So if you make any changes to our network, remove or replace fixings, remove drop-wires or lead-ins (temporarily or permanently) or do anything which affects it without telling us beforehand, this could be classed as trespass. We might then have to take action against you.

    If something goes wrong because you or your contractors have altered, interfered or tampered with our network, you’ll be responsible for any damage. We might then seek compensation from you. It could also mean you’re investigated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or even have criminal charges brought against you.

    So it’s important that you tell us about your project before you start work. Then we can give you permission to work on our network, advise you how to do it safely, or arrange to do the work ourselves.

  • Can I ask you about my phone or broadband service?

    If you don’t need our network moved or removed but have questions about your phone or broadband, please contact the company that provides those services. They can check on the progress of any installation or repair work we’re doing for you, including booking engineering appointments.

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