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Broadband for landlords

Enhance your properties with Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband

Why choose Openreach's Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband for your property?

Full Fibre is the UK's most reliable broadband technology, so your tenants will see a lot less buffering and slowdown at busier times.* What also sets us apart is our innovative InvisiCable™. While other providers can use unsightly equipment and wiring to deliver broadband connections through communal areas, our ultra-thin InvisiCable™ leaves your property just how we found it.

What can Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband do

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For landlords

You can not only enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, but also give your properties a competitive edge by offering high-speed connectivity that truly sets them apart from others on the market. What’s more? With a variety of service providers to choose from, your tenants will be spoiled for choice on how they choose to get connected to the Openreach network. 

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For tenants

Our Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband is built to be less affected by peak time congestion, so you can binge-watch that Saturday night movie in stunning 4K minus the frustrating buffering breaks. Whether you're shopping, surfing, gaming, or whatever else you're into, stay totally connected without any buffering.

What are wayleaves?

In order to install the necessary equipment, allowing your tenants to connect to the Openreach network through a variety of broadband providers, we need your consent to connect your building to our network. This consent is typically obtained through a "wayleave agreement," which simply means that you are granting us access to your building.

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Are you a building owner, landlord or managing agent?

If your property is in an area we're bringing Ultrafast Full Fibre to, we can include your building in our rollout free of charge. This will enable your residents to enjoy ultrafast broadband. Use the form below to tell us what you need and we'll be in touch within five working days.

Are you a tenant?

We'll need your Landlord's permission to install fibre in their property. You can help us by providing their contact details so we can request their permission and work with them to bring fibre to the building.

A quick guide to how we bring Ultrafast Full Fibre to your building

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Journey to Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband graphic with six steps


Looking for help and support?

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*UK’s most reliable broadband technology: Ofcom UK Home Broadband Performance report September 2023.