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Teams at Openreach

There's over 35,000 people in the Openreach family, spread across 13 teams, and all of us make a unique contribution to our mission.

We build new connections every day, and that takes all kinds of people, with all kinds of skills. Whether you’re suited to building our network out in the field, developing new products for our customers, or working to bringing in new business, there’s a place for you at Openreach.

Find out more about each of our teams and what they do.

Image of an engineer

Chief Engineers

We take the lead on engineering solutions, making sure that our tools and techniques are at the forefront of innovation. We develop policies, standards, and practices, and act as the voice of engineering throughout Openreach.





Corporate Affairs and Brand team image

Corporate Affairs & Brand

We’re responsible for our external communications policy – through digital and brand, we build and maintain our reputation by making sure our values are represented in everything we do. We manage our relationships with the government, the media, and independent bodies, and use our insights to help the company respond to outside trends.


Customer, Commercial and \propositions team image


Our Commercial team leads Openreach's relationships with service providers and is accountable for the company's revenue and works closely with house-builders, local and national governments to deliver commercial and publicly subsidised projects.





Fibre Network Delivery team image

Fibre Network Delivery

We’re responsible for building and maintaining our nationwide full fibre network. From mountains in the Scottish Highlands to beneath the big city streets, there’s nowhere we won’t go to make sure that everyone’s connected.



Finance team image


We work with all the other teams, providing them with financial advice to help them deliver their strategic and business goals. We also drive our commercial decision-making and investment of capital.




Governence, Assurance and Safety team image

Governance, Assurance & Safety

We make sure that Openreach is managed responsibly and uses best practice across the board. We independently audit and report on the company’s compliance with our commitments to Ofcom, and we also manage health and safety across all our teams.


HR, internal comms and learning image

HR, Internal Comms and Learning

Openreach relies on having great people in our teams and supporting them so they can reach their full potential. We make sure that our recruitment, training, and culture does everything to make that possible. We also develop strategies to help our work environment evolve to meet the needs of all our teams and the people within them.


Legal, Risk and Equivalence image

Legal, Risk and Equivalence

We make sure that everyone in Openreach has access to legal advice. We’re also in charge of the strategies and policies that all our teams use to identify and manage risk.






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Regulatory Affairs

We’re in charge of developing our regulatory strategy. We work with Ofcom and we support all our teams so they can achieve their goals while meeting our obligations as a company. 





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Service Delivery

We look after the nuts and bolts of our network. From the side of the road to the top of telephone poles, we’re always working hard to keep everyone connected.





Strategic Infrastructure Delivery team image

Fibre First & Shared Services

We’re responsible for the Fibre First Programme across Openreach. We make sure we’re achieving our Fibre First ambitions by looking after the relationships with our key partners and suppliers, overseeing our data and insight capabilities, and managing our fleet of 28,000 commercial vehicles.


Strategy team image


We work closely with the board to both set our strategic priorities and create comprehensive plans to achieve those goals. We also identify investment opportunities and develop tools that improve our decision-making, helping to maximise our returns.



Technology team image


We focus on using IT, data, digital, and network solutions to make sure we’re delivering the best possible experience for our customers. We work on everything from how they buy our products and services, to how we bring new products to market.