Doing building work?

We can help with changing, moving or removing equipment

For business customers and home owners

If you're a business or home owner carrying out building work, you might come across our equipment or network. It's important you know how to work with this safely and without damaging it - otherwise it could cost you time and money. Tell us your plans and we'll help by moving our network out of your way or removing it.

If you want to move our network

If you need us to move our network to make way for your project, we can:

  • move overhead cables for building work
  • remove and relocate poles, manholes, joint boxes, green cabinets and underground ducts and overhead cables
  • provide underground cabling
  • change our infrastructure on a public highway.


How to contact us

Fill in this form to tell us more and we'll be in touch within three working days.

If you want to remove our network

First of all, tell us about the work you’ll be doing. We’ll work out what we need to do with our network and agree the best approach with you. This might involve removing our kit from public or private land then reinstalling it after your finish your project.


Identifying Openreach equipment

Firstly, please identify that the equipment does belong to us. Please check this guide to ensure the equipment is ours first. If it’s not ours, please get in touch with the owning utility provider and they’ll be able to help you.


We can help by:

  • surveying and auditing Openreach equipment that’s affected by your project
  • recovering our copper and fibre cables before you start
  • protecting our kit in an area you’re working in
  • reinstating it after you’ve finished your project
  • removing ducting, cables, poles or underground boxes including manholes, overhead wires and green cabinets
  • removing internal wiring
  • answering questions, making appointments for engineers or surveyors to come to your site, and taking payments so we can get started.


How to contact us

Fill in this form to tell us more and we'll be in touch within three working days.


Objecting to an Openreach pole

If the pole has been there for over 12 months:

This is outside the usual objection period. If you would like to arrange for the network relocation on a chargeable basis, please complete this form to tell us more and arrange a call back.

If the pole has been there for less than 12 months or there’s a notice saying that we’re planning to put up a pole:

If you want to object to the location of a pole we've recently erected or have seen a notice saying we're planning to put up a pole and want to object to the proposed location please fill out this form or alternatively write to:

The Pole Objections Team
6th Floor, Lancaster House
Old Hall Street
L3 9PY

Please include the following information in your letter:

  1. A picture of the information written on the pole or the notice saying we're planning to install a pole

  2. The full location and postcode of the existing pole or where the new pole is going to be erected

  3. The date when the existing pole was put in

  4. Your full name and complete address including postcode

  5. Your telephone/mobile number and email address if you have one

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