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To get brilliant broadband to 25 million homes and businesses we need the very best brains in the country. If you love solving problems and would like to be part of creating the connections on which the country depends, you might be just who we’re looking for. Read on to discover more about life at Openreach.

We go beyond broadband

Infographic of how Openreach engineers have helped the public

At Openreach, we go beyond broadband

Infographic of how Openreach engineers have helped the public

We're an ambitious bunch

We’re all different. From fibre splicers to data crunchers, every one of us has our own unique story about how we came to work for Openreach and the exciting opportunities it’s opened for our future.

Watch Justine’s story

Learn how a career at Openreach led Chief Engineer Justine to become a national sports champion with her eyes set on a global prize.

Watch Sam’s story

Discover how swapping cooking for cables helped Sam find time for family while continuing to learn and develop his skills.

  • Justine Narusa video transcript

    My name is Justine Narusa.

    Originally, I'm from Latvia. North Wales has been my home for the past 14 years.

    I'm Chief Engineer cabling laying down the new fibre optic network.

    Every day is different and I get to meet so many people on daily basis. I get to see places where I usually wouldn't go.

    I got into timber sports partially through my work, cause my boss approached me or saw potential in me and obviously introduced me to the sports.

    Where prior that I did not know about it at all. I even had to Youtube it or Google it what is it?

    Timber sports is thrilling, crazy. From start to finish it leaves you for craving more.

    You want to get better, you want to do more chops or saws.

    My achievement up to today is, I am the ladies Woman's British Champion 2023, I hold all three national records in stock saw, single buck and under hands.

    What's next? World Champion.

  • Sam Blakley video transcript

    So my name's Sam Blakley, and I was a chef for 12 years before joining Openreach.

    The lifestyle was hard work It was open Tuesday to Sunday, and I tried to have the two days off still, but even the days on I was there from nine to about 11 and half 11 with just like an hour break in the middle where you get very little downtime and then you start again the next day.

    The main thing that made me switch to Openreach was not just the hours, not just working six days weeks to 60 hours.

    It was, I always had an interest in telecoms and th.en I was actually a chef when COVID hit.

    So I went from working the 60 hour weeks to go in to nothing. So then I realised there was more to life than being in the kitchen.

    The one moment that made me change and decide to go to a totally different career was probably Christmas Day, when I knew that we were pregnant and I was with we were going to have a baby in the next year, but I was still chefing, so I actually worked Christmas Day.

    What's next for me at Openreach?

    I like to see myself going places. Hopefully one day become manager. But I wouldn't mind going into other sectors like project management.

    And seeing how things are done from a higher level and having a team of people, which I like to think one day, hopefully I can make it to that level.


Working for us comes with loads of benefits and perks. Alongside competitive salaries and generous holidays, we’ve got all kinds of extras for you to explore.

Engineers in their van

Our locations

We want to make sure that when our people come to work, they have everything they need to feel, and do, their best. Our Better Workplace programme is our commitment to upgrading all of our hub offices.

We’re making sure they’re all spaces that are accessible, secure, and designed for collaborative and flexible working. Not only that, but we’re providing the services and facilities that our team members have chosen and we’re redesigning our buildings around those needs.

When we come together, we can do amazing things – and we have our main offices in five amazing cities.



Belfast is a port city and evidence of its maritime history can be still be seen everywhere. Once one of the UK’s key shipbuilding cities, the Titanic was built in Belfast Harbour, and the area – now known as the Titanic quarter – has since become a thriving bustle of businesses, waterfront apartments, and cutting-edge research. It’s also a city surrounded by nature – some of which is so spectacular that much of HBO’s Game of Thrones was filmed in the area.



Often known as the country’s ‘second city’, Birmingham is a vibrant and historic metropolis at the heart of the UK. As a city of nearly 3 million people, it’s brimming with culture – whether you’re a foodie, a theatre buff, or a lover of live music, there’s always something going on. It’s famous for its extensive network of canals – originally created to aid the transport of industrial goods, they’re now almost exclusively devoted to leisure. You can relax by fishing, canoeing, paddleboarding, or by enjoying one of the many excellent riverside bars and restaurants.



Bristol is a city synonymous with music and the arts. From Banksy to Massive Attack, Bristol’s diverse mix of cultures and bohemian spirit produces some of the UK’s most innovative and influential artists. It’s also famous for its spectacular architecture, with the Temple Meads train station and the Clifton suspension bridge, both designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, being masterpieces of Victorian engineering. It’s a city that many people go for a visit and stay for a lifetime.



As a city, Glasgow is a fascinating mixture of the old and the modern, as legacies from its Victorian past blend seamlessly with exciting new developments. It’s renowned for its stunning architecture, including many masterpieces by Glasgow-born architect, designer, and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and its world-class galleries and museums. It’s also known as the UK’s friendliest city, so whether you’re taking a walk in one of the many city parks or trying a dram of local Scotch whisky, you’ll never be short of a conversation.



As the UK’s capital city, London is full of places that have long since become iconic. But London’s much more than Big Ben and Trafalgar Square – it’s a truly global city, where over 12 million people from all over the world come together, exchanging ideas and cultures to create something unique. There’s over 2000 years of history in London and you can see it everywhere you go, while at the same time knowing that you’re in a city that’s always at the forefront of innovation, whether in finance, technology, fashion, or music.