Lets see what fibre broadband is available to you

What is GFast Fibre Broadband?


Just like Superfast, GFast Fibre broadband uses Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology. We turn Superfast into GFast by changing the frequencies of the connection, turbocharging your download speed to up to 330 Mbps.

We can only turbocharge the connection over a short distance, so we can usually only offer GFast broadband technology to homes and businesses that are close to their serving exchange.

Over 2.8m premises in the UK can get GFast Fibre broadband from service providers including BT, EE, Sky and Zen. At the moment, we don’t plan to build any new GFast capabilities, as we’re committed to rolling out our new Ultrafast Full Fibre network across the country.

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Download speeds of up to 330Mbps

GFast can seriously turbocharge your speed. At 330Mbps, you can download a 4K movie in under 6 minutes, or 100 of your favourite songs in under 20 seconds. 

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Perfect for gaming, 4k streaming and small families

GFast is great for streaming the latest movies in 4K, chatting on video calls, and kicking back with some online gaming. If you're into virtual reality or serious gaming, have a big household with lots of devices, or regularly upload videos to Youtube, it’s a good idea to consider Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband instead. We're rolling this out to 25m homes and businesses by the end of 2026 and we connect someone to Full Fibre every 10.4 seconds.

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Upload speeds of up to 50Mbps

With these kind of upload speeds, video calls are smooth and glitch-free, and you can upload files without skipping a beat. At 50Mpbs, a 2GB file will upload in under five and a half minutes. 

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Your choice of phone line

It’s possible to get GFast with an analogue phone line, a digital phone line, or even no phone line at all. Check with your service provider to find out what phone line options they offer and then choose whichever suits you best. 

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Some of the 690 providers using Openreach's network

The largest selection of service providers in the UK

Our broadband network is ‘open’ - so you’re never tied down to one service provider. Over 650 service providers use our network, including Sky, BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk and Plusnet, so you can always choose the broadband package that suits you best.

What happens next?

If you already have Superfast Fibre broadband with us, and GFast is available for your home or business, then all you need is a simple upgrade. An engineer will visit your home and your local cabinet and install and enable GFast technology. Your service provider may also need to send you a new router, to handle the faster speeds. Don’t worry, they should be able to let you know if this is necessary when you place an order.

If GFast technology is already installed then the switch is even more simple – you won’t need an engineer, and your service provider will let you know if you need a new and improved router. If you do, all you need to do is wait for it to arrive, plug in, and play.