Upgrading the UK to 

Digital Phone Lines

What's changing and why?

Our analogue phone system has done a fantastic job since the mid-20th century, allowing people to talk, go online and connect devices to it like fax machines, alarm systems and healthcare products - it even supports the running of major infrastructure such as traffic lights.

But, because it's been around for a long time, it’s no longer as efficient as it could be, replacement parts are hard to come by and, it fails more often than we’d like, and doesn’t provide the world-class service that we need it to and this is why we'll be retiring the old analogue phone network at the end of 2025. By then everyone in the UK will be upgraded to a digital phone line – which will use the broadband network to make calls in a similar way to other Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies like Skype, FaceTime and Microsoft Teams.

We've got a whole host of information and resources for the different audiences that need to know about our exciting upgrade programme.