How we're led

See how we're governed, and meet our board and execs

How we're governed

Openreach Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Telecommunications plc but is independently governed. Openreach Limited trades on behalf of British Telecommunications plc.

In November 2016 we appointed our first chairman, Mike McTighe. He leads our board. The board has a majority of independent members and sets our strategy and oversees our performance.

Treating our customers equally

The board also makes sure we treat all our customers equally. And it makes sure we’re investing in better service and coverage, and faster broadband speeds across the entire country. Equal treatment is enshrined in our Commitments and our Commitments Code of Practice which govern how our people should act.

Our company details

Our company number is 10690039 and our registered address is Kelvin House, 123 Judd Street, London WC1H 9NP.

Openreach Board Audit Risk and Compliance Committee (OBARCC)

The OBARCC is made up of our four non-executive directors, and chaired by Edward Astle. It monitors Openreach’s compliance with Commitments made to Ofcom, including looking at any complaints about us from communications providers, industry bodies, our people or Ofcom.

In June of every year the OBARCC publishes a review of Openreach’s compliance with the Commitments. Communications providers can find more information about the OBARCC for communications providers.

Openreach Limited

We’ve taken more control of our strategy, investments and plans to give customers better service, broader coverage and faster speeds. To make that happen, we’ve also changed the way we run our organisation, and now make more of our own decisions. And we have experienced people from across our industry helping us do it.

What’s changed?

We have more control

We now have more control over our budgets, decision making and day-to-day activities – so we can develop our own strategy and plans. And while we still agree our overall budget with the BT Group board, we determine our own priorities and spending.

We have a new board

Our board has a majority of independent members – and we consulted with Ofcom before appointing them. The board is responsible for strategy, investment and performance. It makes sure we fulfil our obligation to treat all our customers – the communications providers – the same. It also monitors our CEO. Read more here.

We have a new way of working with our customers

We’ve always prided ourselves on working well with the communications providers who make up our customers. But our new independent status means we’ll now be able to look into co-investment and risk-sharing opportunities with them.

We’ll continue to make sure all our customers get equal access to our network. And we’ve improved that access by putting a new formal consultation process in place for major investments.

We’ve got new governance

BT Group plc made a few changes to our new status. It:

  • formally notified Ofcom of the steps it took to reorganise our organisation
  • put a new set of governance rules in place that defined and reinforced our independence
  • put together a new Openreach independent compliance committee.