The Openreach Board

A who’s who of members    

Our board members are responsible for setting our strategy and overseeing our performance. They also make sure we treat all our customers the same, and that we invest in better service, broader coverage and faster broadband speeds for the whole country.

The majority are independent. 

Our board members

Openreach|Mike McTighe|Chairman
Mike McTighe
Openreach|Clive Selley|CEO
Clive Selley
Openreach|Matt Davies|Chief Finance Officer
Matt Davies
Chief Finance Officer
Openreach|Edward Astle|Non-executive Board member
Edward Astle
Non-executive Board member
Openreach|Natalie Ceeney|Non-executive Board member
Natalie Ceeney
Non-executive Board member
Openreach|Andrew Barron|Non-executive Board member
Andrew Barron
Non-executive Board member
Openreach|Jon Furmston|Secretary to the board
Jon Furmston
Secretary to the board
Openreach|Simon Lowth|BT Group nominee
Simon Lowth
BT Group nominee