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If your construction plans change

We understand that even the best-laid plans sometimes have to change. But if you alter your site layout, increase or reduce the number of plots, or move any key dates (especially if you bring things forward), it could affect the work we do for you. So please tell us about any change – big or small – as soon as you can.

Talk to your field-based coordinator to let them know (we’ll have given you their details at the start of your project). They’ll be able to tell you if your changes will affect our work, and what we’ll do next to give you the service you need.

Site Service Lines

Openreach has announced its plans to ‘switch off’ the traditional analogue (PSTN) Copper network by the end of 2025. Between now and then, Openreach will move tranches of exchanges into a ‘stop sell’ position when 75% of addresses in an exchange area can get Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband (also known as Fibre to the Premises or FTTP). This allows us to stop selling WLR and PSTN products to CPs at those addresses.

For new sites we want to ensure that we only build one infrastructure which is Ultrafast Full Fibre. We want to remove the dependency on providing small amounts of Copper solely for the purpose of special service lines i.e. Lift Lines, Sewage Pump Station Lines, Temporary Site Lines etc. and from 15 November 2021 Openreach New Sites no longer offers additional Copper for the sole purpose of service lines. The full details are available in this briefing.