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Installing Ultrafast Full Fibre

Full Fibre Installation – what to expect on the day

  • Installation video transcript

    If you’ve ordered full fibre direct to your premises, here’s what to expect from us and what you can do to get ready to be connected.

    First of all, you might notice our engineers working nearby. Don’t worry, they’re just busy making sure our network is ready for you. Whilst no one needs to be in for this, a decision maker needs to be present when we install your connection.

    Your broadband provider will agree a suitable installation date. We’ll call you on that day, so you know when to expect us. The first thing we’ll do is agree how to get a new line into your premises. So, before we arrive, please think about where you want us to drill a hole from outside and where you want to position your router inside, near the hole and close to a double socket. This will help keep any additional disruption to a minimum.

    We might also need also need to drill an extra small hole or two outside to work safely on our ladders. It will really help us if you can clear some space for us to work. And you’ll need your new router to hand when we get there. We’ll run a fibre optic cable, from a nearby telegraph pole or underground, to a small junction box on an external wall.

    From there, a much smaller cable will be run inside to a small, powered, wall-mounted unit that we’ll plug your router into. Finally, we’ll test your full fibre connection on one of your preferred devices to make sure you’re totally happy, so you can start making the most of a faster, more dependable connection than ever.

    Openreach – connecting you to your network.

Remember to make sure:

  • If you rent your property that you have the landlord's permission for us to drill a small hole on the inside and outside of the building.
  • A decision maker over the age of 18 is there throughout the whole appointment slot.
  • If we’re coming to do any external work separately, that our engineer can get access to the outside of your property.
  • You let your Service Provider know if there’s anything that could prevent us from connecting you on the appointed day.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What is the external junction box?

    It's a 15cm x 13cm external junction box that we install on the outside of your property which connects the property to the Openreach fibre network. 

    Once your property is connected to our network, you can buy phone, tv, and broadband packages from your chosen Service Provider. 

    FTTP box
  • 2. How do we connect the external junction box?

    We connect the 15cm x 13cm external junction box to the Openreach fibre network using a fibre optic cable. Depending on your property, the cable will either run from underground or from a telegraph pole. In both cases, the cable runs directly from one of our exchanges.

    If a ladder is required during the installation, our engineer may need to drill temporary holes outside your property to work safely. Don't worry as the engineer will fill the holes and leave it neat and tidy.

  • 3. What is the box inside the house?

    The box that we fit inside your house is called an Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT is connected to the external junction box and brings our fibre network into your premises.

  • 4. How does the internal installation work?

    A much smaller cable will be run through the wall and attached to another box on the inside of your property. This internal box, called an ONT, will be around 13cm x 11cm.

    Just a heads up, we'll need to drill a hole through the wall to enable us to connect the two boxes. If you're renting the property please make sure you get your landlord's permission for us to drill a hole. This will be 12mm wide and you can tell the engineer where you'd like them to drill.

    Once the ONT has been fitted, we connect it your wireless router. You’re now ready to use the broadband package you’ve ordered from your Service Provider.

  • 5. Will you do any external work before my scheduled appointment?

    Yes, we may be able to complete any external work at your property before your scheduled installation date. If we need to this, we’ll let you know in advance.

Need to change your appointment or have a question about your installation?

If the appointment slot you've been given doesn’t work for you, please contact your Service Provider to reschedule your appointment to a date and time that’s more suitable.

If you have additional questions about your Ultrafast Full Fibre installation please contact your Service Provider. They have all your details and will be able to help you resolve any issues you may have.