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Northern Ireland to benefit from full fibre broadband

15 Aug 2019
Openreach have invested significantly to make full fibre broadband available to 325,000 premises across Northern Ireland by the summer of 2021.

36 new locations will benefit from our future-proof broadband over the next 12 months

31 Jul 2019
We’re building at a massive scale. Every 30 seconds we pass a home or business with our new future-proofed full fibre network.

Beyond the school gate – putting lifelong learning on the digital map

12 Jul 2019
We’re delighted to be part of a movement of businesses, local authorities and arts and cultural institutions, convened by the RSA and Digitalme, to put lifelong learning at the heart of a city’s social and economic development.

We’ve reached 100,000 homes and businesses with our Community Fibre Partnership programme

08 Jul 2019
The total number of homes and businesses who have chosen to upgrade their broadband under our co-funding scheme has reached 100,000.

Goodbye old telephone network, hello new opportunities

27 Jun 2019
We’re modernising the way we deliver phone and broadband services across the UK - moving from existing analogue and copper technologies to faster, more reliable, fibre broadband.

We’re proud to support Armed Forces Day this Saturday

27 Jun 2019
In recognition of their hard work, dedication and efforts to keep us safe in the UK and across the globe, we are proud to be supporting Armed Forces Day.

Looking forward to International Women in Engineering Day this Sunday

20 Jun 2019
Kim Mears, MD Strategic Infrastructure Development talks about her ambitions to deliver full-fibre broadband to the UK and the benefits of a more gender balanced workforce.

Proposing new trials to upgrade consumers to faster and more reliable broadband connections

18 Jun 2019
We want to play the leading role in helping the Government to achieve its target of a fully fibred UK by 2033. And as the Chief Strategy Officer at Openreach, my mission, and that of my team, is to define the future direction of the business, and therefore help turn the Government target into reality.

Preparing for International Women in Engineering Day

17 Jun 2019
Openreach are running open days at our training schools in Livingston, Peterborough and Bradford on Sunday 23 June 2019 for International Women in Engineering Day.

Full-Fibre for new housing in Pembrokeshire

23 May 2019
Openreach engineers connecting full-fibre to new social housing in Pembrokeshire