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Openreach hits 12.5 million build milestone

We've reached the halfway point on our mission to provide Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to 25 million homes and businesses by 2026.

7th Dec 2023

Bridging the digital divide

Future-proofed broadband should be for all, not just those in houses. Discover how we are working to prevent a future digital divide.

1st Dec 2023

Explore how we're improving the diversity of our teams

Discover how we are ensuring our company, and our customers, benefit from the widest possible range of perspectives, ideas and experiences.

1st Dec 2023

Celebrating International Men’s Day 2023

For this International Men’s Day, explore some of the incredible work our colleagues are doing to look out for their mental health and that of others.

20th Nov 2023

We've hit a 10 million build milestone

We have now made our ultrafast, ultra-reliable, full fibre broadband network available to 10 million homes, businesses and public services.

22nd Mar 2023

Openreach marks Remembrance Day

As one of the largest employers of veterans and reservists in the UK, Remembrance Day means a lot to us here at Openreach. Alongside honoring the memory of the Fallen, it’s also a good time for us to reaffirm our commitment to both supporting our veteran colleagues and continuing to actively recruit from the Armed.

10 Nov 2022

Black History Month 2022 - Our Stories

Openreach celebrates Black History month 2022 by sharing stories from our people.

31 Oct 2022

Pride 2022 kicks off at Openreach


Our Pride network is over 850 members strong and as Pride Month kicks off, everyone’s really excited to be taking part in something that means so much to so many people.


06 Jun 2022

Pinpointing damage with What3words

Openreach is using What3words to make it easier for people to tell us exactly where they find damage to our network and for us to fix it.

30 Jul 2021

Pride Month 2021 - what pride means to us

Our diversity and inclusion journey and what Pride means to Openreach.

01 Jul 2021

Zoe Shepherd - In Plain Sight video star

Zoe Shepherd talks about what it's like to be an Openreach engineer. In short her view is if you're a woman thinking of applying for a new career in engineering - go for it!

23 Jun 2021

Five ways we're rising to the rural broadband challenge

At Openreach we know the importance of rural connectivity and how vital it is to many communities and businesses. Find out about the five ways we're rising to the challenge of delivering Fibre broadband to rural areas of the UK.

27 May 2021

Openreach success at the Best Companies to Work for Awards

Openreach has placed 12th in the Best Companies to work for list. Find out what it's like to work for us and about our world class training.

26 May 2021

Ultrafast full fibre is changing how we work and live

The Centre for Economics and Business Research's new report for 2021, Ultrafast full fibre broadband: a platform for growth, confirms digital connectivity's crucial role in helping us through Coronavirus and in changing how we work and live for the better.

26 May 2021

The impact of the last year on digital life in Scotland

Our Scotland partnership director, Robert Thorburn, talks about the impact of the last year on life in Scotland, particularly in the Highlands and Islands, and what’s next for the digital network.

18 Mar 2021

From trainee engineer to the prestigious Chief Engineers Office, Kerry's story

Where can a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ attitude take you in Openreach? Kerry tells her story about how attitude can take you places you never imagined.

17 Feb 2021

Bucking the trend with 5,000 new jobs

Openreach has announced the creation of more than 5,000 new UK-based engineering jobs to be filled during 2021.

18 Dec 2020

Openreach supports Service With Respect

Openreach is backing the ICS's national Service With Respect campaign to ensure our engineers and other service workers get the respect they deserve.

06 Nov 2020

It's Openreach, not BT Openreach

For the last two years, we’ve removed thousands of BT logos from our vehicles, uniforms and buildings, and we’ve brought the new independent Openreach brand to life.

31 Jul 2020

Over three million more rural homes and businesses to get Full Fibre broadband

Over three million more homes and businesses in the hardest to reach parts of the country to get ultra-reliable, gigabit-ready Full Fibre broadband by the mid-2020's.

29 Jul 2020

Pride 2020: An engineer's view

Aidan, an Openreach trainee engineer, talks about why he thinks Pride is important.

26 Jun 2020