When to get in touch

The fastest way to resolve issues with orders, faults or your service is to contact the company that you’ve ordered the service from or that sends you your bill. They’ll need to organise any installation or repair work on your behalf.

Spotted something that's unsafe or damaged in our network?

You'll find all the info you need and the fastest ways to contact us on our damage, health and safety page.

Please talk to your phone or broadband provider if you:

  • have a question about your bill
  • have a problem with your service, like a fault
  • have a query about an engineer visit
  • want to order phone or broadband, or upgrade to fibre.

They have all your details and will work with us to organise any installation or repair work on your behalf.

When to contact Openreach

We can help you:

  • if we’ve been working in your area and left a mess in the street that we should have cleared up, or we haven’t put things back as they were
  • about the behaviour of an Openreach employee or someone working on our behalf
  • if you want to report dangerous driving by one of our engineers or parking problems due to one of our vans (it would help if you have the vehicle’s registration number)
  • if you want to object to the location of a street cabinet we’ve recently installed
  • if you'd like to thank an engineer for the work they've done, click here


If you want to object to the location of a pole we’re recently erected or have seen a notice saying we’re planning to put up a pole and want to object to the proposed location please write to:

The Pole Objections Team
6th Floor, Lancaster House
Old Hall Street
L3 9PY

Please include the following information in your letter:

1. A picture of the information written on the pole or the notice saying we’re planning to install a pole.
2. The full location and postcode of the existing pole or where the new pole is going to be erected.
3. The date when the existing pole was put in.
4. Your full name and complete address including postcode.
5. Your telephone/mobile number and email address if you have one.

How to contact us