When to contact us

Coronavirus contact tracing

If you’re from the Public Health Body or one of our Communication Providers and need to contact us about someone who has tested positive that’s been in contact with an Openreach employee, or enquire about who one of our engineers may have come into contact with, please fill out this form and we’ll respond back within 2 working hours.

Please talk to your phone or broadband provider if you:

  • have a question about your bill
  • have a problem with your service, like a fault
  • have a query about an engineer visit
  • want to order phone or broadband, or upgrade to fibre.

They have all your details and will work with us to organise any installation or repair work on your behalf.

When to contact Openreach

Report damage or a health and safety issue

Spotted something in our network that's unsafe or damaged? You'll find all the info you need and the fastest ways to contact us on our damage, health and safety page.

Ask about fibre

If you want to know if you get can get fibre use our fibre checker.  If you want to know more check our questions about fibre availability or contact us using this form.

Thank an engineer

If your engineer did a great job you can use this form to thank them.

Report graffiti

If you're looking to report graffiti on one of our cabinets please call 0800 023 2023 (option 1).

Complaints policy 

At Openreach, we pride ourselves on making sure we provide excellent customer service.  If our customers are unhappy with any part of the service we provide, we do our best to make things right.

Visit our complaints policy page for full details of our policy and how to raise a complaint.

Something else 

The quickest way to get in contact is to use our virtual assistant.  Eiva will help you to find the information you need or set up a chat with our customer services team if necessary. Just click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to get started and select the option for ‘others’ and then select ‘contact us’ to get started.


Service With Respect

We're very proud of our team who work hard to keep you connected. That's why we support the ICS 'Service With Respect' campaign.


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