Phone and broadband problems

What to do if you’re having trouble with your landline or internet connection

If you’ve just moved into a new-build home or business, click here to find out more. 
If not, here are a few things to try which might fix the problem.

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Getting the best from your router

Watch the video and follow the simple steps to make sure your router is properly positioned and set up to give you the best WiFi signal.

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Broadband self-help

Broadband not working? Watch this video for some simple checks and tweaks that might help you to sort things out without needing a visit from us.

Checks you can do yourself

Your equipment

Depending on the type of connection you have, you’ll either have a small network termination point or a fibre network termination point. Use the pictures below to work out which one you have, then follow the instructions.


This is a small network termination point. If you’ve got one of these, try these checks.


These are fibre network termination pointsIf you’ve got one of these, try these checks.

If that doesn't work

The fastest way to solve this kind of problem is to contact the company you get your phone or broadband from. If you’re not sure who that is, check your bills (it’s possible you might get them from different companies, so make sure you contact the right one). They can run some tests to work out what the problem is.


Why can’t you contact Openreach directly?

You can, but we’re a wholesaler and we were set up to work for communications providers – the companies that you buy your home or business phones or broadband from. Contacting them is the fastest way to fix a whole range of problems. And if they think the issue is with our network, they’ll contact us and arrange for us to fix it. 

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New-build phone or broadband problems

Having trouble with broadband or phone in your new-build home? Here are some things you can try.