Openreach announces special offer for Communications Providers to drive adoption of Full Fibre broadband


Openreach has announced a special offer for its wholesale Communications Provider (CP) customers which gives them long-term price certainty on its FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) technology. Openreach is seeking to drive widespread adoption of ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband.

The new offer has been developed after extensive engagement with its customers and aims to encourage adoption of the new technology through the following set of principles:

  • Commitment: where CPs choose to purchase from Openreach they commit to using FTTP wherever it’s available (including new provides and technology regrades) - rather than older services such as those based on Fibre-to-the-Cabinet or purely copper technology - with no volume or migration targets.
  • Pricing certainty: Openreach will give pricing certainty for up to 10 years in return for this ‘stop-sell’ commitment
  • Simplicity: A single national rental price will apply to the entire Openreach FTTP footprint
  • Competitive prices: Prices will be competitive whilst offering a fair return for Openreach. CPs can tailor offers across a range of speed tiers and take-up of higher bandwidths will be encouraged with further rebates, whilst pricing is set by Ofcom on the lowest speed tier (40Mbps upstream, 10Mbps downstream).

The offer will be open for participation between 1st October 2021 and 30th March 2022. The long-term pricing certainty will last until 30th September 2031 and be available across the entire FTTP footprint. Discounts are available to CPs where they choose to place new orders with Openreach and commit to making a percentage of those on the FTTP network, where available.

Katie Milligan, Managing Director of Customer, Commercials and Propositions at Openreach said: “Nobody’s building Full Fibre broadband faster, further, or at a higher quality than Openreach, and we’re well on track to reach 25 million premises by December 2026.

“At the same time we’re determined to make Full Fibre the default option for customers throughout the UK, so we’ve been working closely with Communications Providers to offer simple and competitive pricing which gives them the long-term certainty and flexibility they need.

“We believe this offer makes Full Fibre a must-have for every home and business, and it means more people could start benefitting from our most revolutionary and reliable broadband sooner.”

More than one million homes and businesses have now ordered ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband over the Openreach network. BT is investing £15 billion to build the gigabit-capable technology to 25 million UK premises by December 2026 and it’s making the technology available to 43k premises every week, with more than five million homes and businesses already able to place an order.

For full pricing, see ‘Notes to Editors’ below. The full terms & conditions of the special offer are also provided on our web site.


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Notes to Editors

Pricing [Simplified version]


Connection charge on 01/10/2021

(From 1/4/2022, annually indexed at higher of CPI and 0%)

Monthly rental on 01/10/2021

Annual rental indexation from 1/4/2022

40/10 Mbit/s

In residential, Area 2 premises:

£25.00 for new to network

£50.00 for non-new to network

In other premises:




Per list price

55/10 Mbit/s or 80/20 Mbit/s


Defined by 40/10 Mbit/s price increase

115/20 Mbit/s


160/30 Mbit/s


CPI-1.25% or 0% whichever is highest

220/30 Mbit/s


330/50 Mbit/s


550/75 Mbit/s


1000/115 Mbit/s


For full list of pricing, please visit our customer portal here.

  • *Area 2 is a new “potentially competitive area” definition (part of the Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review 2021-26) that generally reflects locations where one or more existing alternative ultrafast networks are already present or where one or more operators have a plan to deploy (and Ofcom considers the future rollout could be economic).
  • Further terms & conditions apply.
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