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What can GFast broadband do for my business?

GFast can get your business greater speeds than Superfast by using the same cables at a higher frequency. This only works over a short distance, so it’s only available to businesses close to our exchange. Further away? Check out our incredible Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband

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Spectacularly speedy


Enjoy freeze-free video calls, use demanding business apps seamlessly, and share 2GB files in under six minutes, thanks to amazing upload speeds of up to 50Mbps and downloads of up to 330Mbps. 

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Ideal for data security


Take comfort in knowing that your connection can manage all of your company's remote backup and data storage services. GFast will guarantee the security of all your documents, private communications, and customer information.

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Seamless connectivity


With our weather-resistant fibre optic cables linking your local cabinet and exchange, you get top-notch bandwidth that's way more stable than a regular old copper connection. Say goodbye to costly downtime and enjoy an uninterrupted connection like never before!


Service providers


With a wide range of service providers to choose from, connecting to our network has never been easier.


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