Openreach and Bromley Council agree Digital Charter to support ultrafast broadband investment

Bromley Council field visit at Orpington

A Digital Charter to support a faster rollout of ultrafast Full Fibre broadband for homes and businesses has been agreed between Openreach and Bromley Council.

The partnership agreement follows Openreach’s announcement that it aims to connect tens of thousands of homes and businesses in the Borough to ultra-reliable, future-proof connectivity through its £15 billion commercial investment in upgrading the UK. Thousands of homes and businesses in Orpington can already order a Full Fibre service through the provider of their choice, with more to come.

The Charter sets out commitments made by both Openreach and the Council, with the purpose of speeding up the delivery of deployment plans. Commitments in the Digital Charter such as allowing for the application of retrospective highways permits, will grant Openreach the ability to streamline its planned works and ultimately allow the business to connect more premises in less time.

Kieran Wines, Partnership Director for London and the South East, Openreach said, “Great connectivity has never been more important and Openreach is investing in ultrafast Full Fibre – the best broadband infrastructure you can get in the UK – in Bromley. The Digital Charter we’ve agreed with Bromley Council will help us build faster and further, reaching more homes and businesses with this new gold standard network. We look forward to the next stage of the journey and continuing our close working relationship with Bromley Council.”

Bromley Council field visit at Orpington

Councillor Peter Morgan, Executive Councillor for Renewal, Recreation and Housing, Bromley Council said, “Fast and reliable internet connections are absolutely key for residents and businesses across the Borough, with our experience in the pandemic underlining this even more. Demand and need are set to increase, and we welcome Openreach’s investment, with work already underway. The scale of the task is significant and by working in partnership and streamlining our processes where we can, we are maximising what can be achieved, to the benefit of everyone.”

Bromley Council field visit at Orpington

As Openreach already has a significant amount of ducting within the Borough, much of the work will be focused on replacing copper wiring with fibre-optic cabling, meaning that digging and associated disruption will be kept to a minimum. To help with this, the Charter provides Bromley Council with assurances to “carefully consider residential amenity and reduce noise and disruption as much as practical” when undergoing occasional construction works.

Bromley Council is the first local authority in London to sign such an agreement, with the joint venture displaying Bromley Council’s willingness and ambition to improve digital connectivity throughout the borough.

Openreach plays an important role across Greater London. More than 4,700 of our people live and work here and 247 new jobs in the region were announced in December 2020.

A map of Openreach’s commercial plans in Bromley is available here. To find out whether Full Fibre is available at your home or business, check your postcode on www.openreach.com.