Only one in five think apprenticeships are for young people fresh out of full-time education, new figures reveal

National research shows only 22% believe apprenticeships are for young people finishing full-time education

New figures show only one in five (22%) of the population believe apprenticeships are just for young people fresh out of full-time education, as 700,000 students collect GCSE results.

The survey commissioned by Openreach, the country’s largest private employer of apprentices, asked more than 2,000 people who they thought an apprenticeship was for.

It also revealed 75% of those surveyed who would consider themselves full time students would not consider an apprenticeship.

It’s amazing more people don’t think about apprenticeships as they’re the perfect way to earn while you learn.

Our apprentices gain a GNVQ qualification and we set them up for a really fulfilling career that has clear pathways to develop and grow. They can be earning £28,000 by the time they complete just one-year training, so there really is no better way to gain qualifications and experience of a work environment.

There’s absolutely no better way to gain qualifications and experience of a work environment.

We also support those who want to gain additional qualifications, while still working and earning, so it’s really important people fully understand their options and how an apprenticeship could benefit them.
Kevin Brady, Director of HR at Openreach

Engineering and Manufacturing apprenticeships in England has plummeted by 39% over the last four years to 59,000 according to Government figures - the lowest level since 2011[1].

Openreach apprentices start on a salary of around £21,000 a year, rising to £28,000 when they’ve finished their one-year training. Trainee Engineers working in London will also receive a London weighting allowance of either £3,380 in inner London or £1,670 in outer London. There is the opportunity to complete BTECs, NVQs as well as foundation degrees.

The company is also building 12 specialist fibre training schools across the UK[2] where it delivers world class training to apprentices in order to inspire the next generation of engineers.

To find out more information visit www.openreach.com/careers

[1] House of Commons Research Briefing Paper: Apprenticeship Statistics England, 11 February 2019

[2] Openreach has its schools in Bradford, Bolton, Cardiff, Croydon, Hertford, Livingston, Nursling, Peterborough, Thornaby, Yarnfield, Exeter and the Thames Valley.