Luton to benefit from Full Fibre Broadband!

Luton is joining more than 2,800 towns, cities, boroughs, villages, and hamlets that are included in Openreach’s full fibre broadband build plans.

This once-in-a-generation upgrade allows thousands of local people connect multiple devices at gigabit-capable speeds and helps businesses trade more easily online.

Around 40,000 homes and businesses across Luton are set to be included following this latest build announcement.

Full fibre broadband provides more reliable, resilient, and future-proof connectivity; with fewer faults; more predictable, consistent speeds and enough capacity to meet growing data demands.

To find out when full fibre is available at a specific address, visit the Openreach website for updates, and to check when services are available.

Kieran Wines, Openreach’s regional director for the East of England, said: “Nobody in the UK is building full fibre faster, further or at higher quality than Openreach. We’re reaching more communities than ever and our team of highly skilled engineers, alongside our build partners, are working hard to deliver some of the fastest and most reliable broadband available.

The latest detail and timescales will be available on our website as the build progresses.

Thousands of people living and working in nearby areas already have access. Across Bedfordshire, thousands of homes and businesses can already access full fibre broadband.

5 reasons to upgrade to full fibre broadband:

1.      Faster internet speeds: Full fibre offers faster download and upload speeds, so you can do everything online at lightning-fast speed

2.      Improved reliability: Fibre is more reliable than traditional copper, which means it’s less prone to faults and damage

3.      Multiple devices: Full fibre can handle more devices at once, so you can connect to different devices in different parts of the house without seeing your connection struggle

4.      Property boost: Being able to order full fibre is more and more desirable, so can have a positive impact if you’re looking to sell or rent your property in the future.

5.      Working from home: Having a reliable and fast connection can boost productivity for remote workers and those who rely on cloud-based services.

Openreach plays an important role across the East of England with more than 3,500 of our people living and working here.

This short video explains what full fibre technology is and you can find out more about Openreach’s full fibre build, latest availability and local plans here.