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Sir Vince Cable connects with our engineers in Twickenham | Openreach

15 Feb 2019

Sir Vince Cable MP has visited our engineers in Twickenham to see first-hand how new, future-proof full-fibre broadband technology deployment is changing the lives of his constituents.

Hitting the streets

After meeting with our CEO, Clive Selley, at the Kneller Hall Exchange, Sir Vince went out onto the streets and met engineers to learn more about Openreach’s deployment of Fibre- to- the- Premises (FTTP) or “full-fibre” technology into homes and businesses in the area.

We’re currently building FTTP at a rate of 13,000 premises per week in the UK. This quick build rate is making a big difference to people living and working in this part of London.

Sir Vince Cable with an engineer in Twickenham

What’s a Full Fibre connection?
Full Fibre broadband connections can deliver download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second - – enough bandwidth for a family of four to all stream ultra HD or 4k quality movies or TV simultaneously, without interruptions, waiting or buffering. Downloading a typical HD film would takes less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Sir Vince Cable said, “It was particularly interesting to hear about the next generation of broadband and the difference that a reliable, resilient connection will make to homes and businesses in the area.” 

 “I was delighted to meet the engineers who are rolling out Full Fibre in Twickenham"