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New tool by Qlik helps us halve the time taken to install fibre to businesses | Openreach

20 Feb 2019

A new data analytics tool, Qlik Sense, is helping us to reduce the time taken to install business fibre connections.

Following a pilot to improve performance in our Fibre and Network Delivery (FND) team the new tool has now officially been adopted. The FND team are responsible for the rollout of fibre across the UK and have a key focus on Ethernet customers, such as businesses, schools, hospitals and mobile cell sites.

Despite Ethernet order volumes increasing, Qlik Sense has been one of the enablers which has;

  • Helped us to reduce the average time between the order and the installation of an Ethernet circuit from 75 working days to 35 working days. 
  • Supported a year-on-year increase in total orders completed, our installed customer base and helped unprecedented improvements in our customer satisfaction scores.

The solution works by collating data from multiple systems and presenting it in a user-friendly format, giving managers a clearer view of the nature of the customer orders they are working on, including how long each job has been waiting for completion, and enabling them to react more quickly when deciding a course of action.

"Qlik has significantly improved both our operational efficiency and customer service"

Kevin Murphy, MD Fibre and Network Delivery, said: “18 months ago, we set out to transform the service we offer to our business customers.

Our teams are tasked with improving customer service, and the latest analytics solutions have given our people the ability to make their own decisions on how best to complete orders and tackle problems in their local area.”

Working with Qlik has significantly improved both our operational efficiency and customer service. It has also encouraged our teams to embrace data analytics.