Lets see what fibre broadband is available to you

We’re rolling out our Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband across the country.

It's our most revolutionary and reliable broadband ever - the next generation of internet.  Surf, shop, game, play, click, teach, talk, work, create, learn, buy, sell and watch without skipping a beat or slowing down.


It's ready for anything. Are you?

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    We start off with a girlfriend talking to her boyfriend using their laptops in their bedrooms. She's showing him how to put on a beauty face mask for the first time. Her connection starts to go blocky and becomes unintelligible. He asks if she's still there? He slams his laptop shut, and on the whiteboard behind, his most important task is to sort out his internet.


    Introducing the next generation of the broadband.

    A video producer is editing footage of a fast sports car before her deadline of 5pm. She needs to upload the finished footage as quickly as possible and is amazed that it reaches 100% complete in less than a second. 'Whoa'.


    It's 10x faster.

    It's a stormy night, and four gamers are gearing up for an evening session, lowering their headsets to multi-play. 'Let's do this'. 'What?', 'Come on' 'Yes!'.


    It's 5 times more reliable.

    An engineer is drilling through a wall setting up someone's Ultrafast broadband connection. She's in the house and hooking up the hardware needed. She lets the family of seven all sitting in the living room on their various devices, heads down connected to the internet. One girl pops her head up from her device to say 'Thanks'.


    Connect more devices at once.


    Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband. It's ready for anything.


    Check your postcode at openreach.com/ultrafast.


    Built by Openreach.

Are you ready for Ultrafast Full Fibre?


Use our availability checker to find out whether you can get Ultrafast Full Fibre. If you can get Full Fibre at your property, you'll need to order it from your chosen internet service provider - it's not an automatic upgrade onto the new network.


If it’s available, all you need to do is:


1.      Pick an internet service provider from the list in the availability checker

2.      Contact them to order and choose the right package for you

3.      Wait for your chosen provider to give you an activation date and engineer appointment.


If it's not available yet, please fill in the contact form and we'll let you know when it's coming to your area. 



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Don't just take our word, here's what some of our end customers said...


"Everything is so much quicker.  I've got two kids and they do all the usual things that kids do [on the internet]."

Julian, Salisbury


"As soon as the fibre came into the business. It changed everything. Since fibre's been installed there's been no dropout."

Dylan Watkins, Owner of Poppy's Picnic - Dog food seller

Is your home or office ready for Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband?


Use our address checker to find out.


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Engineer working on fibre

Ultrafast Full Fibre is turbocharging the UK

It will speed up your streaming, but it will also speed up the economy.