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The lockdowns stopped live musicians in their tracks – until Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband arrived

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    I’m Dave Arcari, a full time touring musician and songwriter based on the east side of Loch Lomond. And it's a beautiful place. And although we're only 25 miles outside of Glasgow. It does sometimes feel really remote. One of the big challenges always when you're living somewhere remote is that especially when lockdown came, there was no touring possibilities. All my tours abroad and at home were cancelled.

    So this is an absolute catalyst for everything that I do because without the live gigs, there's no media coverage, there's no merch sale, visitors to the website and everything streaming. It all can slow right down.

    One of the biggest differences of having fibre, the fast upload speed and the reliable connection is that before we got this, I would have to go walking up Conic Hill with a guitar on my back, or perhaps take a two mile walk to Milarrochy Bay, somewhere where there was a 4G coverage, and even at that it was patchy.

    So the reliability and the quality of the livestream was, you know, you couldn't rely on it. And that is one of the most important things is to be able to be consistent especially when you are trying to build a community and communicate regularly with people, let them see behind the scenes, let them chat, let them in the song writing process. I like it when people can watch me work and writing a song and they can give me immediate feedback.

    Did they like it? Did they not? So when Openreach made fibre available in the area, that was absolutely immediately a game changer because from going from less than 1 MB upload speed, I was able to get 30 MB upload speed. That meant, and it was consistent and good quality and strong, and that meant that not only could I plan when I was going to do livestreams and know that they were going to go ahead and not subject to any, technical disasters or potential technical disasters.

    I was able to do things like scheduling a livestream, tell people I was going live and either do a play a few songs and have a virtual tip jar and latterly as a more experienced at doing it, we were able to do ticketed livestream shows and all that was an absolute lifesaver through the lockdown.

    Being based here in this side of Loch Lomond, Openreach and Fibre has made a whole lot of businesses viable for people that perhaps had to travel a lot before. There were a lot of people here really quite happy with their broadband speed because they were able to watch iPlayer, watch Netflix or whatever they didn't think they needed upload speed. But now that people have got it, it works with their security systems, it works with cameras and some work from home. It lets them do a whole lot of things, makes things hold more things viable to do from here. And as the network extends further up the Loch side, there are people that you know it's opening a whole new world of possibility and support to communities all through the area.

    I think now that we are so used to having the speed of the Openreach fibre, it would be very difficult to go back and I think back even to times pre-pandemic when broadband was good but it wasn't  good enough for livestreaming and the so what we can do now as a musician, as a creator and in fact in everything that I do that, you know, we wouldn't be able to do without the speed and the reliability of Openreach. 

“As the network extends further up the Lochside, it’s opening a whole new world of possibility and support to communities all throughout the area.”

Dave Arcari | Musician & Songwriter

The best broadband for streaming needs to deliver fast and reliable upload speeds

Areas of the country without access to fast and reliable broadband can be at a huge disadvantage when compared to places that are better connected – and this was never truer than during the pandemic. Even during the lockdowns, Openreach continued to bring Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to as many communities as possible.

The pandemic lockdowns hit Dave Arcari hard. As a professional musician, his livelihood relied on live tours – not just for the income his gigs brought in directly, but for the media coverage, merchandise sales, and website traffic that he generated by performing throughout the UK and abroad.

He had to think outside the box, and since he couldn’t perform live in person, he decided to livestream performances for his fans online. Dave’s based on the east side of Loch Lomond, a place that’s beautiful and tranquil, but despite only being 20 miles outside of Glasgow, feels remote. He didn’t have the best broadband for streaming, which made livestreaming performances both difficult and unreliable.

“Before we got it, I’d have to go walking up Conic Hill with a guitar on my back, or perhaps take a two mile walk to Millarochy Bay, somewhere where there was 4G coverage, and even at that it was patchy…you couldn’t rely on it, and that’s one of the most important things -to be consistent – when you’re trying to build a community.”

It’s all uphill with Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband

Dave Arcari’s life changed when Openreach brought Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to the area. 

Once connected to Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband, Dave no longer had to worry about reliability and quality of broadcast – they became things he could take for granted. 

A whole new world with Ultrafast

With lightning-fast upload speeds of 30 Mbps and the cast-iron reliability of the Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband network, Dave has been able to go from lugging his guitar to the top of a hill to being able to plan and schedule crystal clear livestreams, and even organise ticketed online live shows. He explained how many homes and businesses didn’t realise how good their connection could be until they’d experienced Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband.

 “Now that people have got it, it works with their security systems, it works with cameras, it lets them work from home – it makes a whole number of things more viable to do from here.“

Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband is our fastest and most reliable connection yet

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