Can you run a global business from home? With Ultrafast Full Fibre, the answer’s yes

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    I'm a business and career coach, so working with people all over the world. It's really important that I have fast and reliable, Full Fibre broadband. I literally can't do what I do and be as productive as I need to be if I've got a slow internet connection.

    If the internet is not stable and reliable, it can be a huge problem. Working from home really does give you much more work life balance. So to be able to be there as a mum, to be able to pick her up from school. Success is not just about business success, it's about overall life success. So, connectivity is key.

“I’m not a technical person at all so I was a little bit nervous trying to deal with getting the Full Fibre connected…But the engineer was really helpful…I was really impressed with them being able to deal with someone who was probably a bit of a technophobe!”

Adele Leah | Transformational Coach

When working from home, reliable broadband is essential

Adele’s a successful business and career coach, helping people get to where they want to be in their professional lives.  She runs her business from home, using the speed and reliability of Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband to work with people from all corners of the globe.

Her clients are usually from the corporate world, looking to either climb higher in their chosen field or leave and start their own business. Through her laptop and an Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband connection, she works with people all over the world – taking meetings and running workshops with up to 100 people dialling in at once. She also juggles running her business with looking after her daughter, which means flexibility is crucial to her work-life balance.

“I can’t do what I do and be as productive as I need to be if I’ve got a slow internet connection…the world of work is fast. We haven’t got time to be sitting there with the wheel turning on your laptop.”

Using Ultrafast Full Fibre for business

Because of how fast and reliable it is, she can use Ultrafast Full Fibre for business with complete confidence. When working from home broadband quality is vital.

As Adele notes, “Connectivity is key.” When her clients explain their plans to start a business in a rural or out-the-way area, her first piece of advice is to check whether Ultrafast Full Fibre is available there. If it is, getting it set up is easy, even for those who aren’t tech savvy.

Finding that work-life balance

Work-life balance is something that Adele values more than anything – both for herself and for her clients. Her philosophy is that success without happiness is failure and running her own business from her home gives her the best mixture of personal and professional success. She can be there to get her daughter dressed in the morning and pick her up from school in the afternoon, while being able to meet with clients remotely during the day. And she’s not alone. Flexibility and freedom are increasingly important to people in their work lives, with many of Adele’s clients wanting to have more control over who they work with and where and when they work.

With the help of Ultrafast Full Fibre, Adele can continue to help people find their superpowers – and with fast and reliable broadband, they can make their business dreams a reality, without sacrificing their work-life balance.

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