Got an Openreach engineer coming?

Here’s what to expect when we come to your home

When you get in touch with your broadband or phone provider to tell them about a fault, or order a new line or book some other work, they’ll ask us to send one of our engineers. They’ll then let you know the date and time the engineer’s coming.


On the day of your appointment
Your engineer will call or text you beforehand to check you’re in, see if there’s anything they need to know about your address (like access or parking) and tell you roughly when they’ll be there (within the timeslot your broadband or phone provider gave you).

When they arrive
Before you let the engineer in, it’s a good idea to check their ID badge to make sure they’re really from Openreach. Some of our new engineers drive plain white vans so the ID badge is the best way to identify them.

Once you’ve checked they’ll talk you through what they’ll be doing. If they need to, they’ll agree with you where to put any equipment and talk about options for wiring.

When they’re finished, they’ll check everything is up and running as it should be. And they’ll clean up any mess they’ve made before they go.


Covid-19/Coronavirus and how we're protecting people

Our number one priority is to keep people connected, and we’ve been working closely with our Communications Provider customers to minimise the impact that the Government’s new restrictions have on the services we can provide.

We know that what Openreach does is critical, and connecting people has never been more important. That’s why many of our roles have been given ‘key worker’ status.

That said, the safety of our people and the public comes first and, based on the new guidance, we’re now prioritising essential work.

That means we’re focussing on the repair and maintenance of connections that support critical national infrastructure, essential public services, vulnerable customers and those without service. And our CP customers are helping us to identify and prioritise these groups.

We’ve also advised our engineers to avoid entering customer premises. A large amount of our work we do can be completed outside, and we can often fix problems without entering a customer's property – so we’re advising them not to complete any work inside a property unless it would leave a vulnerable customer with no form of connection, and it's not possible to provide one by any other means.


Don’t give out any financial details
We won’t ever ask you for bank details. So if anyone contacts you saying they’re from Openreach and asks for financial information, don’t give it to them.

If you’d like more information or advice about fraud and cyber security have a look at Action Fraud.

Tell us how we did
If your engineer did a great job you can thank them. Or if you’re not happy with something, get in touch to let us know.

Watch the video
Find out more about what you can expect when an Openreach engineer comes to your home.