Supporting our Ultrafast Full Fibre claims

Up to 5 x more reliable

Unlike existing traditional copper cables which run from cabinets to properties powering Superfast broadband, Ultrafast Full Fibre uses modern fibre optic cable all the way to your home or business. This dramatically increases the reliability of your broadband connection, as signals sent via fibre optic cables can travel much greater distances and at higher speeds without loss of quality. Fibre optic cables are also not susceptible to issues such as electromagnetic interference or interference caused by poor weather which can affect copper cable performance, as outlined by Ofcom in April 2018.

Connect more devices at once

The increased bandwidth and reliability offered by Ultrafast Full Fibre means that you can connect more devices and do more at the same time with your broadband than with Superfast. For instance, you can have multiple people in the same house on different devices streaming Ultra High Definition 4K content simultaneously using Ultrafast, as outlined by Ofcom on pages 13-14 of their 2020 Connected Nations Report

Up to 10 x faster

With an average speed of up to 900Mb/s Ultrafast Full Fibre is up to 10x faster than the UK average broadband speed of 80.2Mb/s as measured by Ofcom in November 2020.