International Women's Day

Tracy Fenton

It's almost International Women's day! 
Today our spotlight is on Tracy Fenton, Senior Commercial Contracts Manager at Openreach. 
Both on the legal front and as Chair of the Gender Equality Network, Tracy loves a good challenge and is passionate about learning every day. 
''We need representation throughout the business of all genders and backgrounds.  Join a business who is looking to change and be part of that progression,'' says Tracy. 

Find out more about her journey at Openreach and passion about the Gender Equality network : 

  1. What’s your role at Openreach? I am lucky enough currently to have two roles. I am a senior commercial contracts manager in the Commercial Legal team. And I am the Chair of the Gender Equality Network. 
  2. How did you get the job? I worked for other communications companies before joining the  business which meant I was negotiating directly with BT (Openreach didn’t exist at the time. The positive career answer is that I was headhunted to join, but I suspect that the real reason was just to stop me being a pain on the other side of the table. 
  3. What’s the best part of your job? Learning. Both my roles mean there is an opportunity to understand new things, or the experience of other people. 
  4. What’s the most challenging part of your job? I can’t think of anything that is really challenging. I’m lucky in my legal role that people listen and respect advice. In my chair role, I would say it is listening to some of the experiences of people. I have been honoured to be trusted to hear some harrowing stories. It makes me recognise my privilege every day. 
  5. What’s a typical day for you?  Every day can be different, which is great. I could be working with people in Openreach in bringing new services to our customers where they affect the contracts I am responsible for, providing legal support when major events affect our network and talking to our customers. With my role as the chair it could include listening and talking to people about their worries and challenges, talking to senior leaders in driving change. 
  6. Most memorable work moment?  In a previous company I was involved in major programmes which were recognised externally and I was asked to present about the role in Australia and in Europe. That was an amazing experience. 
  7. Who inspires you in your career and why? I think there are so many inspirations. I am part of a great team and everyone brings brilliant experience and perspective. I meet new inspirations every day with my role leading the Gender Equality Network. 
  8. What did you want to be when you were a child? It depended when you would have asked me, it went from HGV driver, vet and included training guide dogs. 
  9. What advice you’d give to women who are interested in working at Openreach? Definitely come and join. We need representation throughout the business of all genders and backgrounds. Join a business who is looking to change and be part of that progression.