Fibre for developers

Connect your residential or commercial properties to faster broadband

Building for the future 

We're connecting residential and commercial properties to the fibre broadband network

We want to bring full fibre broadband to four million homes and businesses by end of March 2021, and 15 million premises by the mid-2020's, subject to conditions being right. To help us do this, we'll build a full fibre, Fibre to the Premises, network to new residential or mixed residential/commercial sites. It makes sense for you and your development, and it's easy for you to sign up.

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Rolling out full fibre broadband

Get speeds of up to 1Gbps all the way from the exchange into your home or business.

A pure fibre connection

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Better for homes and businesses 

Our Fibre to the Premises network offers speeds of up to 1Gbps.

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The biggest UK full fibre network

We’ve already connected more than 2.156 m homes and businesses and want to reach 4m by the end of March 2021.

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Biggest choice of service providers

Choose from the widest range of phone and broadband providers.

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  • Fibre for developers

How do I sign up?

Find out how to register your residential or commercial property development for fibre broadband.

Fibre for landlords

  • Are you a landlord?

    • fibre for landlords
    Are you a building owner, landlord or managing agent? Fibre broadband could help you get – and keep – more tenants, meaning better returns on your investment. And we might even be able to bring it to your building for free. Use our fibre checker to see if you’re eligible.
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  • Obtaining wayleaves

    • Wayleaves
    Find out what wayleaves are, who to contact if you need help with one and answers to questions if we have a wayleave agreement set up with you.
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  • If your area isn’t covered yet, register your site with us to let us know you’d like us to build fibre to your development.

  • We’ll do this for free for sites with 30 or more premises. If you have 2–29 premises on your site we’ll ask you to contribute towards this. And if you’re building a single plot, the cost will depend on your situation – find out more on our registration page .


  • For sites of 2-29 commercial plots we'll cover a large part of the installation cost, with a varying contribution from you depending on the size of the site.  The table below outlines the developer contributions for various site sizes.

    For single commercial plots, or sites of more than 29 commercial units we'll work with you to offer a bespoke network solution, and we'll contribute £1,000 per plot towards the cost of the build.  If the costs for Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) are more than £1,000 per plot, you'll need to contribute the extra.  We'll be able to give you more details after you register your site with us.

    Number of premises Per premises developer contribution Total charge to developers
    29 £17 £493
    28 £35 £980
    27 £53 £1,431
    26 £73 £1,898
    25 £94 £2,350
    24 £116 £2,784
    23 £140 £3,220
    22 £166 £3,652
    21 £193 £4.053
    20 £223 £4,460
    19 £255 £4,845
    18 £290 £5,220
    17 £328 £5,576
    16 £369 £5,904
    15 £415 £6,225
    14 £467 £6,538
    13 £524 £6,812
    12 £588 £7,056
    11 £662 £7,282
    10 £747 £7,470
    9 £846 £7,614
    8 £965 £7,720
    7 £1,110 £7,770
    6 £1,291 £7,746
    5 £1,527 £7,635
    4 £1,852 £7,408
    3 £2,337 £7,011
    2 £3,172 £6,344