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Our mission is to connect homes and businesses to the world. Because now, more than ever, the internet is an essential part of modern life. That means it’s vital we have a sound digital infrastructure in place. And while we’re proud to have already brought high speed broadband to almost all the UK, we have more plans for our nation’s digital future. We want to make sure you can see what these are, and how we’re progressing.

Our mandatory regulated key performance indicators (KPIs) are quality of service standards we measure ourselves against to track our performance. We publish them every three months, so you can always see how we’re doing.

You can also read our annual report.

Keeping track of our performance

  • Our Key Performance Indicators

    • KPI
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    At Openreach, we have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We use these to track our performance, and publish them to show you how we’re doing.
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  • Reviews, reports and consultations

    • Consultations
    • Annual review and reports
    • Performance
    • Reports to Ofcom's Monitoring Unit
    Find out about our activities and financial performance in the most recent Openreach annual review and report. You can also see our report for the previous year.
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Protecting the environment

We're cutting our vehicles' emissions and looking into switching to electric and alternative fuels.