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New equipment for installing ultrafast broadband in newly built homes | Openreach

14 Feb 2018

Openreach launched brand new equipment for installing ultrafast broadband in new build homes in December.

Our new ‘1+1 solution’ offers several improvements over our current equipment. Both the Optical Network Terminating (ONT) equipment that connects our ultrafast network to people’s premises and its Battery Backup (BBU) are reduced in size. 

These smaller boxes now sit in a single enclosed unit, with the wiring connecting each box together hidden neatly out of sight. The enclosure is fixed to the wall with two screws, reducing the amount of work needed to mount the equipment. To aid quick troubleshooting, the diagnostic LEDs are visible on the front of the enclosure, so the homeowner doesn’t have to open it to check it’s working, or diagnose a problem. 

If you are part of our developer self-install program you will be able to install this new equipment yourself. You will start to see the new equipment appear on site as it is rolled out within the next few months. Further information about this new solution is available in our factsheet. Our developer handbooks and self-install video will also be updated soon to reflect this new solution.

Download the factsheet