Fastest speed

Our fastest connection yet

At 1Gbps, it’s up to 10x faster than the average broadband connection.

Phones, tablets and laptops

Use more devices at once

More people can get online at once without any stuttering, buffering, or drop-outs.

Video meeting

Say goodbye to slowdown

Multiple glitch-free video calls and uploading data to the cloud at once? No problem. Enjoy Ultrafast speeds even at peak times

Woman using a virtual reality headset


Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband will service your needs for years to come. You’ll be able to upgrade without ever needing another engineer visit.

Service provider logos

The largest selection of service providers in the UK

Our broadband network is ‘open’ - so you’re never tied down to one service provider. Over 650 service providers use our network, including Sky, BT, Vodafone, TalkTalk, Zen, and Plusnet, so you can always choose the broadband package that suits you best.

Phoneline options you get with Fibre on Demand

Digital phoneline only icon Digital phoneline only A digital phone line uses your fibre broadband connection instead of the copper telephone network. It means that your phone calls will be made using the same technology as when you use WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Skype. Because it’s digital, you’ll be able to use your landline while you’re on the go and may have access to cheaper calls and premium features, like Anonymous Call Barring and Call Divert.

What happens once you order?

How we’ll install your Fibre on Demand

Installing Fibre-on-Demand involves us running a custom fibre cable from your local cabinet directly to your premises. It’s worth checking with your chosen service provider, but it usually involves the same installation process as Ultrafast.


Watch our Full Fibre video and find exactly what you can expect on the day – from what we’ll need to do to connect you, to what you can do to get ready for our visit.