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Broadband to power your business


Every business, whether it’s an independent online store or a FTSE 100 company, needs to connect with its customers. Our broadband products - Ultrafast full fibre, Gfast, Superfast, and Standard – make sure that your business, whatever it’s size or location, can access the right kind of connection.

Our business broadband network benefits

Our products offer a range of speeds - upload up to 220Mbps and download up to 1Gbps.


Our broadband products are our fastest yet, with Ultrafast reaching upload speeds of up to 220Mbps and download speeds of up to 1Gbps. 

Our fibre products are our most reliable yet. Resistant to bad weather and electromagnetic interference  and they don't lose bandwidth over long distances so your business can run smoothly.


Apart from Standard broadband, all of our products are FTTP or FTTC. Fibre cables are resistant to bad weather conditions and electromagnetic interference, and don’t lose bandwidth over long distances.

This means that your business can run smoothly, you can use as many devices as you need all at the same time and won't lose orders, payments or customers.

Our Ethernet services can be used to build your own networks and circuits can be routed into your business via different points giving you security and certainty for critical services.


Our point to point Ethernet services provide secure private circuits. With options to add circuits to build your own networks or via different routes into your business to ensure cover for critical services.

We have more than 29,000 skilled engineers across the UK to give you help when you need it and keep you connected.

More engineers

We know that staying connected is vital to your business - every second you're offline costs you money.

With our 29,000+ skilled engineers across the UK there'll always be someone on hand to help when you need it.

Our network is the largest in the UK, delivering broadband to even the most remote places.

Widest UK coverage

We're the UK's largest network, bringing broadband services to even the most remote areas of the country.

As well as rolling out full fibre nationwide we also build and maintain ethernet connections anywhere, including the most challenging terrains.

More than 650 Service Providers use our network to offer a wide range of services to their customers. So you''ll always be able to find the right package for your business.

Range of service providers

Once you know which broadband product is right for your business, you can choose which service provider is offering the package that suits you best. Our network is open – over 650 service providers use us, so you’ll never be locked in to just one option.

Help and support

If you trying to sort out a problem with your broadband, phone or TV service for your business, or want to report a problem with our network – such as a damaged cabinet or cable you'll find the information you need on our help and support page. 


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If you want to find out how you can get fibre broadband for your business, simply enter your postcode into our fibre checker.