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You, your neighbours and Openreach

Let's get your community connected

Help to get your community connected by pledging your voucher with Openreach

Take your first step towards Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband. You could apply for a free Government Gigabit voucher* to contribute towards the cost of your community getting Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband.

Homes and businesses in rural locations which meet the following criteria can use vouchers to support the cost of installing new Gigabit-capable connections when part of a group project:

  •  Existing broadband speeds are less than 100Mbps
  • A Gigabit capable network isn't likely to be built to that area commercially in the near future
  • There's no government-funded contract planned or in place to improve the network already
  • Vouchers are worth up to £4,500 to help cover the cost of installing gigabit broadband
  • Your voucher will go towards the costs of building the network, you'll have to pay for a broadband package once it's built. 

How to get your voucher

Key conditions of the voucher funding

  • When you apply for a voucher, you are committing to ordering a Full Fibre service from a provider of your choice when the network is built.
  • Reaching the pledge target for your scheme is not a commitment to build. Every applicant also needs to validate their vouchers, then we'll confirm our build status.
  • The decision to build, and the timeline, is also subject to technical survey.
  • Your new connection must be for a minimum of 12 months and your speeds should reach:
    • at least double your existing speed if your current speed is less than 50Mbps
    • at least 100Mbps if your current speed is more than 50Mbps.
  • Costs will be set by service providers themselves, but you could also ask your existing provider about upgrades.
  • Only one voucher pledge per person, per address is allowed and any duplicates will be cancelled. 

The Openreach network is open to all service providers. Once Full Fibre is available, you'll be able to order broadband from any service provider operating in your area.

*Government Terms and conditions apply in addition to our pledge terms.