Pledge terms

24 Nov 2021

Please read our terms and conditions below:

  • The pledger (“You”) consent to allow Openreach (who manages the fibre network on behalf of BT as the fibre network owner) (“Us”) to use your voucher under the UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme which is part of the Rural Gigabit Connectivity Programme delivered by the DCMS (“RGC Voucher”).
  • You recognise that the UK Gigabit Voucher along with vouchers from other pledgers in your community will be used to contribute your share of the total cost of us bringing a gigabit capable fibre broadband solution to the community which you are a part of.
  • You will comply with the terms of the DCMS scheme  as a recipient of the UK Gigabit Voucher and on completion of the network build will take up an eligible service from a participating supplier on the full fibre network within a reasonable period (but no later than 2 months) of the network being made available to participating suppliers.

 You further recognise that if:

  1.  You violate the terms of the scheme, resulting in the UK Gigabit Voucher no longer being eligible

  2.  Allocate your UK Gigabit Voucher to someone else other than us; and/or

  3.  Do not take up service within 2 months of the availability of a fibre service to participating supplier

we will reserve the right to seek payment from you of an equivalent value to the UK Gigabit Voucher.

  • You acknowledge that we will only proceed to build the network once the target amount (as specified on the website for your community project)  is achieved through the pledging of funding from your community (“Build Start Date”). Subject to matters beyond our reasonable control, we will then target completion of the build within 12 months of the Build Start Date (“Build Completion Target Date”).
  • If delivery is not achieved within the Build Completion Target Date and is not due to a matter beyond our reasonable control, rendering the UK Gigabit Voucher potentially ineligible, we will not seek to recover any costs from you. Save to the extent that such liability cannot be limited under law, our liability to you in respect of these Pledge Conditions shall extend solely to covering the cost of the UK Gigabit Voucher.
  • Any service Issues in terms of ordering or provision of service over the fibre network once the fibre network is available, should be dealt with via your chosen participating supplier.
  • You confirm in agreeing these pledge conditions that you are happy to be contacted by the DCMS to enable them to verify my acceptance of the beneficiary terms and conditions and to confirm eligibility details. Emails will be sent from
  • If you have any issues concerning our pledge scheme you can contact us and we will look to respond to your concerns as soon as reasonably practicable to do so.
  • These Pledge Conditions shall be governed by English law and subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

"Full fibre is the UK’s digital future. I firmly believe that the technology it enables will become the backbone of our national economy – supporting every aspect of our daily lives for decades to come. "