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Fastershire Hereford | Openreach

24 Jan 2019

More people can now enjoy superfast speeds

Hundreds of homes and businesses across Hereford can now access superfast broadband for the first time thanks to our ongoing partnership with Fastershire.

Speeding up broadband for 2,200 properties

We’ve partnered with Fastershire to roll out superfast broadband to various locations across Hereford and have worked hard to install a number of brand new fibre cabinets. This will see around 2,200 additional homes and businesses benefit from superfast fibre broadband by the end of 2019.

Image of Councillor David Harlow with local residents

Councillor David Harlow, Cabinet member for economy and communications at Herefordshire Council said: “Much of Fastershire’s work ensures that hard to reach areas of rural Herefordshire can access faster broadband and the stage 3 rollout with Openreach will further ensure that parts of Hereford aren’t left behind. It’s wonderful news that many homes and businesses are already benefiting from this rollout and are able to access a superfast broadband service.”

"We’re delighted to be working with Fastershire to build 21st century technology in historic Hereford."

Adam Johnstone, senior project manager at Openreach said: “We’re delighted to be working with Fastershire to build 21st-century technology in historic Hereford. Openreach is continuing to get on with the job of bringing better broadband to the UK and we’re looking forward to creating great connectivity for the homes and businesses in this area.”

See if you can get faster broadband

To find out if your property can already access faster broadband or where your property sits in the Fastershire rollout, visit their website and use the address checker.