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Businesses with ultrafast broadband wouldn't be without it | Openreach

28 Mar 2018

A faster internet connection means firms can do more and sell more. They can serve their customers better and attract new ones more easily.

The core benefit of implementing speeds of over 100Mbps at a small or medium sized business is the vastly faster connectivity speed and increased bandwidth capability the technology provides. Here are some of the benefits firms enjoy with ultrafast:

Fast data transfer: With a gigabit, you can transfer data over the internet faster than you can write data to a thumb drive. Plus you can download data as fast as many computers can save the data to a hard drive.

Access and increased functionality to the Cloud: You can fully utilise Cloud computing technology with no limits on the ability to access data, plus with an ultrafast connection you can upload more, faster.

Increased productivity and competitiveness: Employees won’t be twiddling their thumbs, waiting on unresponsive applications to launch and for files to load, saving businesses time and money.

Flexibility and cost savings: Employees can enjoy increased flexible working and also reduce business travel and commuting. Staff can enjoy improved access to online training and video conferencing too.

Hundreds of businesses have already benefited from faster connections brought to them through partnering with us. They know that a faster internet connection means you can do more and sell more.

Our ultrafast Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network uses the latest technology and is already the UK's largest, so join us to get maximum choice and value for your business.