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Salisbury - proud to be our first Ultrafast Full Fibre city!

Openreach engineers completed the fastest city-wide network build in the UK - making Full Fibre broadband available to more than 22,000 homes and businesses in just under 12 months.

Salisbury is now the first city in the UK to have complete access to Openreach’s Full Fibre broadband infrastructure  (also known as Fibre to the Premise or FTTP), where we’ve cut out the cabinet to deliver lightspeed broadband direct to your door.

Our engineers were the first in the world to use innovative solutions in order to build sensitively in one of the UK’s most historic cities, providing access to our ultrafast network, while maintaining the integrity of historic areas and buildings.

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Salisbury - what a difference a year makes

See how our engineers made Salisbury the first city in the UK to have complete access to Openreach's Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband infrastructure.

Salisbury leads the way in switching to an Ultrafast Full Fibre reality...

Now that Salisbury is fully fibered, it's the first city where since December 2022, we've stopped selling our old copper broadband products where Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband is available.

This means that any customers in Salisbury who are looking to upgrade, re-contract or move to the area with any service provider on the Openreach network, will only be able to take an Ultrafast Full Fibre service. 

Ultrafast Full Fibre is more than just faster speeds and greater reliability, it's future-proofed, which means it has plenty of extra capacity to support our ever-growing demand for data hungry services and applications.

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Phone Lines are changing too...Don't get left behind - take action today

We’re also modernising the way that landline phone services across the UK work too - moving from our existing analogue phone system to an easier to maintain, more reliable, digital one. And Salisbury is once again leading the way... 

The copper-based analogue phone network has served the UK well well since the Victorian era, but with the popularity of mobiles and Voice over IP (VoIP) services like FaceTime, Skype, Portal, WhatsApp and advances in more reliable, faster and greener technology - it now makes sense to shift to digital phone line technology. 

In October 2023, we'll be switching off the old analogue phone line system in Salisbury - once again leading the way for the rest of the UK, meaning that every phone line will need to be upgraded by then, whether you're a resident or a business, have one phone, or a raft of devices like alarms, health pendants, fax machines or card payment machines connected. Your service provider should reach out to you at least a few months before the switch off date, but if they don't we recommend that you contact them to see what and when you'll need to take action.

The rest of the UK will be following Salisbury's move to digital phone lines by December 2025.

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