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Full Fibre broadband


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Connecting Northern Ireland

Openreach builds, maintains and manages the broadband network in Northern Ireland.

Our 950 engineers are busy installing our Full Fibre network to more than 3,500 homes and businesses every week. This means that every hour another 22 premises in the region can access Full Fibre broadband.

We're proud to sponsor Ulster Rugby

Openreach and Ulster Rugby have joined forces to celebrate the importance of connections.  From the families and friends that come together at weekend sports events, through to the coaches and communities that help support young people.  And not forgetting our very own engineers who play such a crucial role in building the broadband network that keeps Northern Ireland connected.

Full Fibre in Northern Ireland

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Fibre broadband is now available to more than 148k homes and businesses in Belfast

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Province wide more than 575k homes and businesses can get Full Fibre Broadband

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Technology capable of delivering download speeds of up to 1Gbps

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The future of fibre

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