Broadband problems

Checks you can do for small network termination points

Image of a small NTE
  1. Check you have power to your equipment (phone, modem etc), and that you haven’t accidentally unplugged it or switched it off.
  2. Check your phones or handsets aren’t faulty – test them by unplugging them and reconnecting them one at a time. Remember to check the line with each one.
  3. Check any equipment that’s connected to your phone line in the same way – so that’s things like routers, TVs, set-top boxes, modems, faxes, alarms and auto diallers (for care systems).
  4. Restart your broadband equipment by turning the power off and on again. Make sure you give it enough time to power up before you try it again.
  5. Double check all the cables are connected and haven’t come loose.
  6. If you’re using wi-fi, try a couple of devices to make sure it’s a problem with the connection and not the device itself.
  7. If you’ve got another broadband router, try connecting that. If it works, then it’s an issue with the router, not the connection.


Still need help?

If those checks haven’t fixed things, you’ll need to contact the company you buy your broadband from. It’s better to call on a mobile if you can (or have it handy when you ring), in case they need to run tests on your phone line.