Full Fibre is broadband,

but not as you know it

Important information about your new Full

Fibre connection

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Great news - you’ve just joined the Ultrafast Full Fibre family.

Now we’ve completed your Full Fibre installation, you’re ready to enjoy our fastest and most reliable broadband ever. 

Full Fibre works differently to your old broadband, so there are a few things worth remembering to help you get the most from it and avoid problems. Let’s take a look: 

Image of ethernet plug


Always keep the wall mounted unit and the router plugged directly into a main socket (avoid adaptors if possible).


And remember that switching them off can lead to problems so try keep them always switched on.




Try not to unplug your router and move it, but if you need to, remember to make sure your ethernet cable is plugged back into the correct ethernet port on your router. 


Image of equipment indicating speed


The connection we deliver to your property is Ultrafast but the speed you ordered and the equipment in your home will lead to some loss of speed. This is perfectly normal.


The type of router and the age, quality & number of devices connected to your new line will all impact the speed you measure when using any online speed checker.


If you're not happy with your speed, please speak to your service provider about your home setup.

Image of Wi-fi signal



For the best Wi-fi coverage, keep your router as close to the centre of your property as possible and make sure it's not obstructed. As a rule, the more visible your router is, the better your speed.


And don’t worry if some areas of your property have a weaker signal, that’s normal too.


To optimise your Wi-fi signal please contact your service provider.

Image of OR line faults not fixed


Ultrafast Full Fibre is most reliable broadband yet but if you experience any problems with your broadband or phone service, contact your service provider.  They’ll help you with any problems you have and let us know if we’re needed.

Here’s how we installed Ultrafast Full Fibre to your home

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