Our programmes

Our programmes explained

We deliver our Ultrafast full Fibre Broadband programme through a number of different programmes up and down the county. Some of these are large in size and scale and cover major cities and towns across the UK. Other programmes focus on parts of the country that are more rural, like market towns, villages and hamlets. Where these programmes cover a significant proportion of an exchange area they are published on our map.

Openreach also has a number of other smaller programmes that deliver Ultrafast full Fibre Broadband. Our new sites programme connects new housing developments to full fibre all the time and right across the UK, and we have specific programmes that focus on multi-dwelling units like blocks of flats and offices. We also work with governments or local communities to co-fund build projects (for example through Fibre Community Partnerships), and also do some small scale upgrades. These programmes are often much smaller in scale than an entire exchange area and can often have different delivery timescales specific to the location.

These programmes form part of our existing build phases to upgrade the UK to Ultrafast full Fibre Broadband and we may add to this plan in the future.

Use our fibre checker to find out services your home and business can access. 

We can keep you updated

The best way to keep up to date with our plans for your own home or business, and not just your exchange, is to run a Fibre Check and leave us your details and we'll update you as and when the plan progresses.