Full Fibre turbocharging the UK

The UK’s fibre future is within reach. Together we can create a more connected, productive and competitive economy. Full Fibre will help to increase remote working, bring people back into the workforce, and help to level up the UK. 

Research by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) had previously shown that Full Fibre could provide a real boost to communities across the country and boost labour productivity by nearly £59 billion by 2025.

The pandemic has challenged old certainties, and accelerated previous trends. A million more people could be helped to access employment though increased flexible working. Two million more people could work remotely from home, reducing transport and housing pressures in big cities and boosting local and rural economies across the country.

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Read our report to find out about the benefits that Full Fibre could bring to the UK. 

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No one should be left behind. Read about our plan to build the fastest, most reliable and future proof connectivity across the UK. 

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