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Are you a building owner, landlord or managing agent? Full fibre broadband could help you get – and keep – more tenants, meaning better returns on your investment. If your property is in an area we're bringing full fibre to, we can include your building in our rollout free of charge. This will enable your residents to enjoy ultrafast broadband. 

FTTP Fibre First Towns, Cities and Boroughs Build Programme

The above maps show Openreach’s FTTP Fibre First Towns, Cities and Boroughs Build Programme on a 3 months forward looking basis, which is related to the current announced 4 million premises Fibre First Programme . It does not show FTTP deployment related to BDUK, new sites, and other small scale infill. For more information on plans for Town, Cities and Boroughs up to March 2021 please click here.

Openreach has exercised its best efforts to ensure that the maps accurately reflect its relevant FTTP build plans at the time of publication. Details at an exchange level are shown only where Openreach expects that it will build in the greater majority of the relevant exchange. Openreach will keep this information updated on a quarterly rolling basis, including to reflect any possible changes to existing plans which may become necessary due to unforeseen operational obstacles (particularly where build is yet to commence).

*Programme Build Complete refers to the exchanges where build has been completed as part of the FTTP Fibre First Towns, Cities and Boroughs Build Programme, but does not mean that services will be available from this date.

Read more about our “transparency” approach.

Full fibre broadband: what you need to know