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Attract and retain more tenants by bringing gigabit capable broadband straight to their doors

Are you a building owner, landlord or managing agent? Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband could help you get – and keep – more tenants, meaning better returns on your investment. If your property is in an area we're bringing Ultrafast Full Fibre to, we can include your building in our rollout free of charge. This will enable your residents to enjoy ultrafast broadband. 

Get full fibre for your apartments.  Use the form below to tell us what you need and we'll be in touch within five working days.

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If you're a tenant

We'll need your Landlord's permission to install fibre in their property. You can help us by providing their contact details so we can request their permission and work with them to bring fibre to the building.

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Gain a competitive edge

Find out about the benefits of Ultrafast Full Fibre for you and your tenants.

Why a pure fibre connection with Openreach?

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Get future-proof

Let us bring Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband into your apartment building to get speeds of up to 1Gbps


No 'lock-in' to one supplier

Our network is open, so your tenants can choose who they buy an ultrafast service from


Add value to your property

Having a Ultrafast Full Fibre connection can add value to your property and help you attract and retain tenants.

Where and when are we building Ultrafast Full Fibre?

We publish a list of the exchanges and locations in our Full Fibre build plans up to the end of 2026. 

To find out when Ultrafast Full Fibre is coming to you visit our Where and When page and enter your postcode into the map. There you'll also find full details of our Full Fibre build plans and be able to download the latest list of exchanges and locations in our build programme.

Case studies

ForHousing - improving lives with Full Fibre

ForHousing opted to upgrade to Full Fibre with Openreach because of the choice our network offers.

Upgrading listed buildings

Delivering Full Fibre to a Grade II listed building like Little Aston Hall requires a flexible and sensitive approach.

Trident Group upgrades to Full Fibre

Find out why Trident Group chose Openreach to provide Full Fibre broadband for their tenants.

Ultrafast Full Fibre broadband: what you need to know

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How we bring Full Fibre to your building

Whether you're streaming movies or running a business, we're here to keep you connected.