Glossary of terms | Openreach


This is the combined figure for all the products covered by this KPI.

Fully unbundled line

This product  enables phone and broadband providers to offer line rental, calls and broadband to their customers.  The phone or broadband provider installs their own equipment in local telephone exchanges through a process known as 'unbundling' that allows them to offer you both phone and broadband services directly.


Wholesale voice line

This product enables providers to offer line rental and calls to their customers.


Fibre to the Cabinet

A Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) line provides fibre from the exchange to the green cabinet in the street and then connects to the customer via their existing copper line.  This allows broadband providers to offer superfast broadband services.


Fibre to the Premises

A Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) line provides fibre all the way from the exchange to the customers premises.  This allows broadband providers to offer ultrafast broadband services.



These products offer high quality, high bandwidth and permanently connected point to point services.