Meet the people who lead Openreach

Our executive team

Openreach|Clive Selley|CEO
Clive Selley
Openreach|Matt Davies|Chief Finance Officer
Matt Davies
Chief Finance Officer
Openreach|Richard Allwood|Chief Strategy Officer
Richard Allwood
Chief Strategy Officer
Openreach|Colin Lees|Chief Technology and Information Officer
Colin Lees
Chief Technology and Information Officer
Openreach|Olly Kunc|MD Service Delivery
Olly Kunc
MD Service Delivery
Openreach|Katie Milligan|MD Customer, Commercial and Propositions
Katie Milligan
MD Customer, Commercial and Propositions
Openreach|Kim Mears|MD Strategic Infrastructure Development
Kim Mears
MD Strategic Infrastructure Development
Openreach|Kevin Murphy|MD Fibre and Network Delivery
Kevin Murphy
MD Fibre and Network Delivery
Openreach|Catherine Colloms|Director Corporate Affairs
Catherine Colloms
Director Corporate Affairs
Openreach|Kevin Brady|HR Director
Kevin Brady
HR Director
Openreach|Sophie Bouckaert|General Counsel and secretary
Sophie Bouckaert
General Counsel and secretary
Openreach|Andy Whale|Chief Engineer
Andy Whale
Chief Engineer
Openreach|Mark Shurmer|MD Regulatory Affairs
Mark Shurmer
MD Regulatory Affairs